Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Don't Judge Others Just Because They Sin Differently Than You

In life, things don’t always go as you plan it. Things don’t always happen as you like it to be. And people don’t have to always agree with you.

Expressing your thoughts has been made easy with variety of mediums available. But opinions expressed don’t always deemed as facts. Sure, you can express yourself. But don’t expect people to buy it. Worst, don’t expect people to agree with you.

And yes – you tend to disagree with people. 

You see a mother who just drive around with an infant seated on the passenger seat not buckled up, you feel like “Ish, such a bad mother! Letting the kid sitting unsecured in a moving vehicle. She doesn't deserve to be a mother”.

Wow! You are definitely a role-model-mother. Your kid is surely going to succeed in life. 100%.

Or when you are this alim person, covered and all and you see someone wearing a revealing outfit, you go “So sinful. I hope God will punish her. She should change and come back to the right path”.

Sigh. Sure - you are so perfect, you are definitely going to heaven. 

What makes you think you can judge people? What makes you think you have the right to fix everyone around you?

How do you know if others are feeling the same about you? That you are a terrible daughter, you stop caring about your siblings and parents ever since you have your own family. That you are a terrible human being, always so boastful.


But, what if - what if they do see your flaws, but they chose to disregard it and just accept you for who you are? Fortunately.


Needless to say, lets remember to always be kind to everyone. Mentally and physically.

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