Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Hello my beautiful people. I know. I know I have not been writing. Lotsa things happened. Resigned my previous job (yeah the one I loved so much), went for islands hopping during the break, started my new job and now its new year again.

Spent the eve in bed. Well, not exactly in bed (why people always say that?). More like wandering around the house with tissue stucked in nostrils. Oh well.

Was on medical leave for two days last week, followed by the so called long weekend.

Watched 2 silly movies back to back at GSC MV and spent the rest of the eve at home. Thank God for The Entourage marathon! And lots and lots of ice cream.

Anyway, here wishing you a Happy New Year 2012! I told my loved ones that this New Year is all about LOVE! Then all else will come. Don't forget to be kinder to each other, hold your grounds and stay beautiful.

Love always, Y.

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