Thursday, May 27, 2010

My daily routine

Life. In short means - H.E.C.T.I.C.

It has been so hectic. I know I am nobody compared to some people but to me - this is the best phase of my life!

I am thinking, since this is the phase that I like the most - I should put it to writing on what I do every day. Like a journal or something. Maybe I can start writing about the usual daily life. Then from there, I can go for a more detailed one (if I manage to find 10 - 15 minutes from my 24 hours a day to blog - instead of checking out people's pictures and relationship statuses changes on Facebook)

6.00am - Wake up and shower. Hubby and I get ready for work. Isaac gets ready for school. Isaac has breakfast while watching his morning session of Tom & Jerry while Daddy dozes off (again) next to him at the corner of the couch - his favorite spot, waiting for Mummy who takes hours to get ready.
7.45am - 8.00am - Leave home, send Isaac to school and we head of to work.
9.20am - Arrive office. Have my breakfast in my room - coffee or fresh milk and toast while checking emails.
9.30am - 6.30pm - I will be busy like hell. I often skip lunches.
6.15pm - Hubby will pick Isaac up from day care.
7.00pm - I will try to follow the boys for a quick dinner nearby office. Usually at Nando's or Wendy's or Brussels. If not they will go ahead without me while I am swamped with meetings until late hours.
9.00pm - The boys will either go home first or wait up for me - if I can finish of by 9 ish. Depends on their my mood. Usually, they will go home first because 9.00pm is Isaac's sleeping time.
11.30pm - I will make my way home.
12.00am - Arrive home. Shower. Talk to Hubby about everything that happened during the day and then we will try to sleep.
Note: Read try :D

Pretty much the same from 6.00am to 6.00pm. However, I have 2 schedules for Tuesdays.
Schedule No.1

6.00pm - Leave office to pick Isaac up. Drive home. Stop by at nearby stall to pack Thai food for dinner.
7.30pm - Arrive home. Set-up the dining table and have dinner.
8.00pm - Start watching my Tuesday night series while Isaac takes his shower and Hubby does his own things.
9.00pm - Tuck Isaac into bed. I continue watching TV. Hubby will be occupied with his laptop.
11.00pm - Finish watching my series. Pass TV remote to Hubby. We chat while Hubby watches documentaries.
12.00am - Try to go to sleep.
Note: Read try :D

Schedule No. 2

6.00pm - Hubby will leave office and pick Isaac up and they will go for dinner and then home.
6.30pm - I will finish work and then head of for some drinks and music with girlfriends. Go home time - depends on how much fun can I get that night.

I will continue writing on Wednesday - Sunday when I have time. After all after Tuesday, the calendar itself says W.T.F.

Note: We work at the same company, same building. We sometimes drive two cars to work, and sometimes one car only.

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