Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hopeless romantic

I am a hopeless romantic woman that sometimes most of the time, it hurts me upside down. I love surprises. I love gifts. I love roses. I love dates. I love holidays. I love cuddles. I love kisses. I love PDA. I love everything romantic. Knowing that these kind of things make me happy - I do this to everyone who are close to me. I plan their birthday surprises, graduation dinners, baby showers etc. I get them gifts. I even get them roses on their birthdays - because I am worried they will not receive any bouquets on their special days and that will ruin their whole day (that's what gonna happen to me when I don't receive bouquets on my special days).

In relationship - I tend to be very sensitive and very emotionally driven. I get upset over many things. It might be petty for you - but don't you think your partner should put more effort to get you roses on your special days? Don't you think it's necessary for your partner to plan for a nice birthday dinner for you - with friends, knowing that, that will make you happy - not a simple lunch at a place you usually go every fourth night? So yes - I get upset when I don't receive roses on my birthday, Mother's Day and wedding anniversary. I get upset when I don't receive any celebration on my birthday. I get upset.

I like to cuddle. I like to be pampered. I like to be attached to each other. I like to be kissed. I like romance.

So yes - I am a very romantic person. And I am happy being one (although that too can make me unhappy).

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