Monday, June 14, 2010

Phnom Penh Trip

So I just came back from Cambodia and it was oh-so-awe-some!!

I am sure I will not have time to write about it so I will not promise anything.

But hey, did I tell you that I had my personal tour guide cum packer cum interpreter cum hair stylist there in Phnom Penh?


Here are some pictures with her and some of the locals. Yea - go ahead and zoom in for my pimples, eye bags & wrinkles. I don't care (actually I do - but my PS is not working heh!).

P/s I have no idea what is wrong with the pictures' setting/alignment. Sigh!

Moi enjoying the hot weather next to Mekong River

Taking a break after a tiring shopping session along Street 240 (behind Royal Palace)

With the friendly local girls and my new friend, Nisa (outmost left)

Me with my helpful and beautiful new friend, interpreter, hair stylist, packer, body guard and tour guide :)

At the hotel I was staying, Hotel Cambodiana.

Love love this hair style did by Nisa :)


  1. Mo' pics plis ... :-)..It was a solo trip kah Yan?

  2. Hey KC. It was a business trip actually. But no harm enjoying a fully paid for trip yes lol

    Lazy to add more pics :P

    How are you doing? :)

  3. I'm doing great Yan!
    Kicking and alive !


You saying?