Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blame it on my mouth II

Hello. The other day, I was complaining that you are too soft. That you let people bully you. That you didn't fight for yourself. Of course, I was picking up a fight over you. You said, "not that I didn't defend myself. I did. But you didn't see it. You just don't like my way and you want it to be your way".

You were so angry that I use pressure over you. You said you don't understand how can I always feel more motivated to be better everytime I got pressured.

Hmm, I don't know the answer although I know that I don't like pressure neither. But I won't let others step on my head. No freaking way.

You also questioned on why did I even feel so aggravated when you were the one whom being bullied.

My darling, I just hate it. I hate to see you being treated that way. It hurts me more than you. I think, I explained that to you already. If you got what I meant, that is. But you were still very much unhappy. So I guess I didn't use the right words. Or maybe I picked a fight at a totally wrong time. Not that picking up a fight is right, at the first place.

So I promised you that you won't need to hear from me anymore. I meant, on this issue.

But nevermind, since I am thinking about you now, here you go; a few words from me :)

Do you know that you are such a talented man and I am not sure if you even realised that. Do you remember all the arguments that we had when we were dating? Do you know that everytime I saw you, I had so many things that I wanted to talk about. That I wanted to share. That I wanted to argue with you. I will use the opportunity to bring something up, anything, just so I could get into how your mind works, how you placed your words and uttered it carefully, on how you got me to think and pondered about anything. Hmm the magic. You were so thrilling! It's interesting on how much I enjoyed arguing with you. Just so you know.

My darling, nowadays you tend to lose your patience. You treat our arguments as something that you need to win. I miss to argue like those days. When we used to stand on our own words and yet we turned it to something delightful.

I love you.

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