Saturday, June 20, 2009


I am enjoying my moment. Stuck in heavy rain near my old office, having a workshop later.

I'm smelling the smell of heavy rain. The familiar smell. The smell that I used to look forward to everytime December came.

This is the same smell that used to make me real happy when Grandma wrapped all of us with thick blanket and then made us hot Milo to drink with some fancy desert.

This is the same smell. The same feeling.

Still looking forward for this smell. Still loving the smell.


  1. See ! I used to tel my friends that we are actually able to smell the rain before it pours down..

    But they did not believe me

    And in your case, you smell the rain when it was raining down.

    But what matters is that, rain DOES have a smell .. :-)

    Yeay !

  2. KC, yea. I heard about that too. And yes, I can smell the rain before it pours too :D



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