Friday, June 19, 2009

Hot Ice Lemon Tea

We are at Oldtown White Coffee having breakfast.

I ordered "One ice lemon tea please"

Then the guy taking the order asked like three times "You want hot or cold?"

ICE Lemon Tea! Of course cold la! Kane!


  1. I am back in KL! Hope you have some time for me this weekend Yan ;) If not there's next week.

  2. Hey sweets!

    I am kinda tied up this weekend. But next weekend is good :)

    Next weekend is okay for you two?

  3. A friend who works in F & B line used to tell me "that's what you get when you pay peanuts to the stuff"

    I am referring to the boss of Old Town..

    Cheap labour, get some Bangla to work and it is really hard to customise our order.

    But I love their Nasi Lemak though..:-D

  4. KC, you are right. The Banglas and the Nepalis there are so blur. Sometimes, I can just lose my patience talking to them.

    I love their nasi lemak too. Which Old Town do you usually go to?


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