Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My understatement

I tend to worry about too many things. I get worried too easily. I worry about everything around me. So I thought it was okay when I got very moody for one tiny thing and then started crying for nothing. It prolonged for few months until I realised that I might suffer from post-natal depression. It was bad. It was the worse time in my life. I was young and I was not ready. But no one could be as lucky as I was. I had one thing that others didn't have. My husband.

I have the most perfect husband on this whole planet earth. He has always been there for me. Even when I started shouting at him for something that I did wrong, he will just swallow his saliva and smiled weakly at me. I was angry all the time. I was sure that it was just because of tiredness, only to discover that I needed help.

It's been few years now. I hope that when we are both ready to get pregnant again, I won't need to start worrying about this all over again. God bless us.


  1. I once had a mild depression when I was sitting for my final exam in college and was having problem at the same time with a pot-addict housemate :-)

    Other than that, I think women tend to look at different quality as the main attractive attribute in their partner as the relationship evolves.

    For instance, before marriage the guy is seen as someone who is fun to be with and strong.That draws the girl initially.

    But as the relationship changes into a marriage, qualities like patience takes centre stage as the main attractive quality.
    Hmm...maybe I should learn to inculcate some married man patience into myself from now on.. :-)

  2. You did? Ooo, then how did you handle? Or was it very mild?

    On another note, you are right there. you should start learning to inculcate the married man patience in yourself. Just to be prepared. That is if you wanna get married la :)

  3. ...almost a week without some JUICY entry.... :-(


  4. KC,

    I have been rather busy. I keep staring at my blog everyday, thinking whether or not to write but still got no time :(

    Nevermind, I'll stalk yours instead :)


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