Monday, June 8, 2009

Annoying lil' creature

Isaac is so annoying nowadays!

Everytime Honey kisses me, he will come and give his cheeks to be kissed too and when Honey refused, he will annoyingly ask "Daddy only love Mummy? Daddy doesn't love Boy?"

Ah, annoying lil' creature! :P


  1. Kids are angels..I don't have one though but I'd like to be around cute kids.. :-)

  2. Yan how's your work schedule like? Would you be free on weekday evenings :)

  3. KC,

    They are. They are still adorable no matter what they do. That explains how a firm lady at work turns soft like a taufu at home :)

    I am sure you can become a good daddy one day :D


    This week, I am not working at night. Only up to 6pm. But my sister and niece are at my place because my brother in law is out of town until tomorrow. So I think I can only see you on weekday evening starting Thursday night? Text me!

  4. I'll try on Thu. Cos by Fri I'm occupied hehe. Today is already Wed (so quick!). Ok catch you ;)

  5. Okay sweets. So tentatively, it's tomorrow night? :)


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