Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am stunned. Just received a bad news last few minutes.

My boss's wife is suspected to have 'Uterus Fibroid Cancer'. I have no farking idea what that is. He just told us that he is now at hospital with the wife and the wife is suspected to have 'Uterus Fibroid Cancer'. All I know is fibroids are the most frequently diagnosed tumor of the female pelvis. They are benign tumors. They are not associated with cancer, they virtually never develop into cancer, and they do not increase a woman's risk for uterine cancer.

So I am kinda hoping that after the medical check-up, the doctor can tell them that it is not 'Uterus Fibroid Cancer' but maybe just Fibroid or whatever that is better.

Anyway, I am praying for the best for her. I really do.

Be strong. Your family needs you. Especially the lil one.


  1. Wow. Your site has a lot of drama. Haha...

    Wellz...yeah I guess that some people don't have communication skills n stuff... But I feel its partly attributable to being stay-at-home mums. I watched an episode of Denise Richards recently, about how life was in her home. She was gorgeous, as usual, of course. And she is a FANTASTIC mother to her kids. However, as gorgeous as she is, she hasn't hung out with her friends or dated anyone. Her life revolves around her kids and having breakfast with her dad. Which is fine, of course. But even her dad's getting worried about her.

    Especially if you were like me, and didn't watch the show from beginning to end, you MAY wonder if all the stuff about Denise getting her life back together again is bull. I mean, she's a gorgeous, rich, famous, filial daughter, why wouldn't she have tons of amazing guys recognising how wonderful she is? And an ACTRESS?? Not knowing how to party?? Come on gimme a break!

    Then a bombshell hits.

    Denise hears what her therapist says: "You need to get more activities for yourself so that you have a life."

    She whole-heartedly agrees and obediently thinks about a suitable activity on the way home.

    And she's so cheerful when she's found it. Her new activity for HERSELF is...get this---to build a playhouse for her precious baby daughters.

    That is so not what the doctor had in mind.

    I totally get the motherhood instinct, and don't think she's a bimbo. But I do think somewhere along giving birth to those kids, she forgot how to enjoy her life as a person.

    I think a variation of this is what happens to most stay-at-home mothers/wives along the way.

  2. I was just thinking if your boss do have a "personal friend" like the one Chua Soi Lek used to have (or still have?)

    I always thot the richer the husband, the more beautiful the wife becomes..hmmm

  3. I got you something from HK shh. It's not much but you'll like it. I hope. Tell me when you're free again this week. Lets club.

    Fibroids are likely a cause of HPV virus. I guess back in time there was no such thing.


  4. Haha... One of my lecturers used to say, you either have
    a) big house and big wife
    b) small house and small wife


    He chose b). haha... Stupid joke lar..

  5. Sam,

    Wheehoo! Something from HK? Never expected anything since you are there for few days only. But now I cant wait to see what is it :D
    Let's do that. Text me once you are back okay. Hugs!


    HAHA. Stupid joke :P

    I think that's not necessary. A lot of rich men end up with pretty hot wives. It's because of MONEY :)

  6. Hi Willie!

    Fatal? Is it that bad? *scared*


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