Monday, May 25, 2009

I had my first heart attack!

This morning, upon arriving his school, Isaac gave me my first heart attack (of being a parent);

Isaac: Mummy, Boy has to get married?
Me: Hah?!!!!!?
Isaac: Boy has to get married! *stressing a little*
Me: Ahh *gulp* urm okay. With who?
Isaac: With Mira.
Me: Oh. All the best!

Hmmmm, that was pretty easy to do. How come we had so much difficulties to tell our parents that we wanted to get married at early age?


  1. hahaha.. your son is so cute ;) i really wish it was that easy though...

  2. Tava,

    Hahaha, lucky he is. If not, I would have strangled him :P

  3. Omg, so cute! Children are so simple and straightforward. They don't beat ard the bush like us adults. Right?

  4. Hey Kim,

    Haha, fortunately they don't. They are so simple and not complicated like us adults. I mean, what's wrong with telling your parents that you wanna get married right? :P

    I hope you and Josiah will have adorable ones too :)

  5. nooooo! dont let him get married first until i managed to make a pretty girl for him. :P

  6. Hahaha babes. And how long that will take? :P


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