Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy Bee

I realised that I have been so busy. I seldom cook. I write blog from phone and I have abandoned The Juicy Closet. Help!


  1. We'll go-kart soon. Forget the cooking since you're so busy. Text you when I'm there ;)

  2. go go-karting* LoL

  3. Eve,

    Yea, and I am guessing you are being busy with all the engagement preparation yes? Good luck xx


    Yay! Cant wait. Text me earlier ;)

  4. Hi Juicy,

    I just bump into your blog while i am searching for the information on Koi Legian. It is a very interesting blog and already included in my favourite blog list. ;-)

    Knowing that you have already shifted out from Koi Legian to your new house, honestly, may i know how's the environment for Koi Legian if for own stay with family of 3.

    Hope to hear from you ya. Thanks...

  5. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for listing me in your blog lists :)))

    Actually, I am now staying at Koi Legian. We've moved out from Ara Damansara to Koi Legian last month :)

    As for Koi Legian, the environment here is perfect. It's a low density place. Just one block with 9 floors. A small community. Very exclusive I should say. very private as it is located inside a undeveloped Puchong area with less noise and pollution. If you as me, I would say it is a perfect place to build up a family :)

    The people here are friendly but not busybody :)

    As for this condo itself, very nice and clean. Very ideal family place.

    I hope this helps :)

  6. Hi Juicy..thank you very much for your kind advice.

  7. Jane,

    No problem. It's my pleasure :)


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