Monday, April 13, 2009

A sneak preview of our kingdom!


  1. What about the rest of the kingdom?? :p Other than beside TV? haha... Or is the TV portion = kingdom?

    Purple wall is nice :) But I KNOW my husband won't let me make a wall purple. or yellow. or a nasty shade of green. meh.

    Seb looks a bit tired,..

  2. Jenny,

    HAHA. The rest of the kingdom hasn't look like kingdom yet. Paiseh to show :P

    Yeah, it's nice. I know its kinda lame but I like the feeling when I come back home or wake up in the morning, there's beautiful color to look at not the typical dull white ;)

    He is very tired. Been so busy with work+house. This will prolong until next month :(

  3. OMG!!!
    Purple walls?

    It's superb!!!
    I told Tolga that we should have ours painted purple in future but he said white is the colour.

  4. Eve,HAHA. I think that would be the common answer from men ;)

    But thankfully, Seb has been cooperating very well :P

    ..or else: sleep alone!


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