Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good things happen when you are most grateful

I know I have not been writing writing for the past two weeks. I know.

Lots lots of things happened. Most of them are good things ;)

Purchased few stuffs by Marciano, CK, MNG, Topshop, Fusion & Bebe. I know, I am so spendthrift, but I couldn't resist. Just once this year, ok!

15 minutes away to lunch - off to see MIL for lunch. She is being so sweet these days; text me, hug me. I like that. You know, I am really a good daughter in law material. I just know that I am that sweet ;)

Updates on our house;
  1. They are only installing the kitchen cabinet today. Supposedly installed last week, promised MIL to cook for today's lunch but too bad, there's always next time ;)
  2. Will get them to finish up with the lighting tomorrow.
  3. Ikea shopping on Sunday was heaven (but of course not so heaven for the wallets tho') ;)
  4. Have seen the curtain tailor - curtain will only be ready in two weeks time :(
  5. The floor is like orgasm :P
  6. They will install the shower door this Friday - we both are big fans of DRY toilets. Can't wait!
  7. More things to come!
Being grateful!

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