Sunday, March 15, 2009

We never know what's coming for us

It's been a busy few days. I thought of updating yesterday but time didn't permit me.

We took leave on Friday to settle our house process. Woke up early, drove to Shah Alam, then Kajang, then SS2, then PJ State before we zipped off to KWSP office at Jalan Gasing. Didn't manage to settle everything because the lawyer's office was inefficient (hoping to settle the last document tomorrow during lunch hour). After dinner, we decided to watch Slumdog Millionaire, it was awesome. Out from movie, we found our left rear tire flat. Felt like kena sabotaged :(

From One Utama, we decided to go to PJ State to require some help from Simon. Honey was not confident that he could fix it himself but after three petrol stations of pumping air, Honey decided to change himself at Jalan Gasing BHP :)

Even though it was our first flat tire experience, the spare tire got fixed in 15 minutes tops by my awesome possum Honey.

The next morning, woke up early, went to workshop to get it changed and costs us RM205/tire. Haih! Then off to our new house to meet up with interior designer and electrician. Managed to decide on the lightings and kitchen cabinet design. Had three sets of McValue Lunch at RM 5.95/set. Then went to Ilanee's house to visit lil Ruusunen. Movie at 10.45pm. Dragonball Evolution sucks but kinda entertaining!

Today, woke up slightly late around 11am, Honey made breakfast and we were off to see our interior designer to finalise the design and to confirm the materials.

Had chendol and rojak for lunch then went to Ikea to buy the 'promotion' lights. Then to Uptown to survey more lights and to Amcorp Mall to get my handbag fixed before the sky started to pour. It was a heavy downpour. Stuck there for a while. Got home, fell asleep on Honey's lap while watching TV. Got up last one hour, had chocolate cake and now typing this :)

Had a productive weekend. Tired but content. Though tomorrow is a working day, I look forward for what tomorrow will bring us.

Note: Oh by the way, I learnt that women will live ¾ of their lives in bad mood as there are Pre-Menstrual Stress, During Period Stress & Post Menstrual stress. That means, we only have ¼ of our life time to feel happy and not to scream at nothing. The other three have been taken by the evil period. Ah, I hate period.©


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