Thursday, March 12, 2009


Reached office an hour late this morning cause I worked super late last night. Our office is quite flexible. Those executives and above levels who are not entitled for OT, are allowed to come to work later (a bit) the next day if they work until late, the night before.

Honey helped to plug in my power cable, network cable and on'd my lappy. I sat down, straight away opened my Outlook. This is my favorite part every morning. Reading work emails :)

There were 10 emails regarding our Bangla office.

Failures! Problems!

Shit! (started swearing#%@^*%$@#!!!!)

Me: AC, we have problem. Biiiiiggg problem.
AC: What? What happened?
Me: We are not getting the current office premise. They said it's too long to obtain. Maybe in couple months more! So they are sourcing for another office.
AC: Shit!
Me: And they need at least a 3000sqf office lot. But they can't find anything suitable but the place that Mr. Tan said the feng shui is not good. Anddddddd they said they are going ahead with that one!
AC: No! No! It is confirmed that it is not good feng shui. Write to them. Shoot them. Tell them that management wants them to clarify this matter.
Me: But they will say that I am kaypoh!
AC: No, they wont. I ask you to do this! Later when SY comes in, you go brief her about this. She will surely jump.

I have troubleshot them. Now I am blogging, waiting for my boss to come in. Ah, what a morning! I need my Milo now.


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