Saturday, February 14, 2009

When I didn't cry when I should be crying

Today I got very ill. So I went to see two doctors. The first one I saw was cheapo thus I was not satisfied so I went to see another doctor at a private hospital. Being a typical Malaysian, we tend to trust private doctors more than those from normal chambers.

I was diagnosed to have blood infection and been prescribed with some stronger medications which we need to buy ourselves at a local pharmacy.

To divert my mind off emotional stuffs, I on'd the TV and guess what's on it? It was Titanic on HBO. What a coincidence ah? Titanic on V-day :P.

I have never watched the ending of Titanic (I have watched this show, without the ending for more than 10 times) as I thought it is too sad for a beautiful story and I didn't want to cry. But today, I did. I mean I watched it and I didn't cry.

"A woman's heart is like a deep ocean of secret"

We can sit down and listen to music and start crying. Hehe :)


  1. Titanic??! It was one of those movies I couldn't wait to end! Sumore the cinema was soooo cold...Man it's been like 11 years!

  2. dear, take an extra good care of urself k? been worried here.. luv ya!

  3. Bwooie,

    Time flies hor? :P


    I am resting well now. Was in bad shape. Will keep updating you all at home ok. Thanks babe :) Love you more.

  4. You'll feel different when you come back ere to watch it with me over popcorn and a comfy nice er, couch or floor hee.

    Remember to take your medication on time hunny!

  5. Yeah, we'll do that okay baby. We buy the DVD then get popcorn and soft drink (the canned Strawberry ones) and sit down on the big pillows (to protect my royal ass as you always put it) and watch it hee hee :D

    Don't worry baby, I have taken this morning :)

  6. You feeling better, Yan?

    Hope the meds will clear your blood. OMG. I was dreading something bad like that would happen to you esp. your health.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your sickness. Just take your tabs on time okay. Get well soon!

  7. Hey Eve,

    I am not sure how I feel now. But one thing for sure, I can type now. Couldn't type well last two days.

    Pray for me will ya'?



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