Sunday, February 15, 2009

Productive Day

Listening to Jenny, I am now trying to do what I could not do when I was home.

I am brushing up my languages. I used to be able to speak Japanese pretty fluently. A little of Swedish. Some Arabic. Understood Thai. And still picking up on Cantonese (not a language I know) and now I started my Bangla lesson.

Pretty productive day! :)

So here something for you!
  1. Ami/Amar - I
  2. Amra - We
  3. Tumi/Apni/Tui - You
  • Apni - Older Person
  • Tumi - Younger Person
  • Tui - Same Age
Ami khu dhar to - I am hungry
Amra khu shar to - We are hungry
Ami ashus to - I am tired
Ami/amar mata gorum - I am crazy





  1. Quiero aprender cómo hablar la lengua española


    And of of course, lastly, to brush up my English :P

  2. Hehehehe, you with your Spanish :) And baby, I can't read kanji oh. If you need to brush up your English, I need to but the SPM books lo. Or maybe the basic English books :P

  3. Hey Lyn, thanks. We are and we try to improve :)

  4. Try to improve? *hmpf* Makes the rest of us look bad, THAT's what. :p hehehehe...

  5. Jenny, me? No no no.

    If Seb yes, when he says he needs to brush up his English, that makes everyone looks bad :P


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