Sunday, February 8, 2009

This is too tough

If you ask me how am I doing. I am not sure how to say. I can't say I am not okay cause I am safe here but I don't want to say that I am okay cause I am not. Not.

I cry most of the time unless when I am busy with work which is very stressful and slow.

The rest, will be spent crying and crying.

Hubby is doing everything he can to calm me down to support me to be there for me. Literally 'be there for me' cause he is not here.

I just want him. That's all.



  1. sayang, stay tough k?
    I'm praying for ur safety and hope u can adjust well..
    luv u!

  2. hang in there. huhu..

  3. Liza, thank you babe. I really hope I will too :(

    Kak Yun, thanks :)

    Eve, I will be here for three months as per agreement unless things can settle faster then I will fly fast fast home. Thanks babes :)


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