Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 1 & Day 2

You want to see Bangla?

I went out with one of our staffs to take passport size pictures to apply for my internet connection. Since he doesn't own a car and our driver (yes we have a car and a driver and a maid too) is out fetching my other associate to shop for some furniture, I decided why not just take rickshaws (eventhough I have been warned by my bosses in Malaysia not to do this) and try to take some pictures. It was very scary and dusty so it was not so comfortable for me to take pictures using my big DSLR cause I was so scared and not comfortable as everybody stared at me.

Me on the rickshaw. Paid BDT 20 per trip. Do your math!

After taking my photographs which cost me BDT200

They are selling some food which looks like popiah at roadsides. Dared not to try.

These two kids were very cute. I was having trouble with camera setting
so I needed to snap like 10 pictures but they stayed still and smiling :)

This is the broadband & cable TV wires. So old school. Wires are everywhere. Wonder how they know which one is which one.

Will write more later.



  1. Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm jealousssssssssssssss


  2. You are? Goodness. Come here and replace me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. yan dear, glad to finally see that smile on your face after a while.. :D hope u will smile more ok? miz u!

  4. Hey babe,

    Thanks, you are always so supportive. Me love you long time :)


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