Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Loneliness + Boredom + Hunger = Meals over the weekend

1. I'm lonely without hunny here. It's been 3 whole days, 3.5 to be exact
2. I'm very bored without hunny around. TV, internet, work, apart from which. I'm bored
3. Everybody's gotta eat right? Though I'm lazy to eat. I can be rather, 'inventive' when it comes to preparing a meal;

I'll start off with the beverage;

First, you peel off the skin of the over-extra Mandarin oranges from Chinese New Year. Make sure you get the seeds out too (Otherwise it'd leave a bitter aftertaste)

You then fill up the blender with these oranges, and blend em' all up. Results at end of page. Let's go to Meal 1;

You stuff chili + onions into the fish, marinate with salt. Fry. Simple main dish.

Beat 2 eggs, sprinkle some salt, provide freshly peeled prawns, fry. Results of the meal;

Fried stuffed fish, rice, green chili, fried egg with prawns. Meal 2?

Defrost the beef under running water, dice em up. Marinate with temuric powder + salt + MSG


That's meal 2.

Here's something I had today at the office, leftover watermelon. Sliced into half, just consume with a spoon;

And I ate half of the watermelon by myself;

Will try get batteries for my faithful Nikon 4300. Camera resolution sucks on this Nokia.


  1. Hohoho. Not bad, Seb. Not bad at all! Can cook eh!! :)

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that's why I love my baby. Hee hee. I am grinning like idiot now. Supposed to get ready for my training but here I am, entertaining myself first. I have 10 audience in front of me watching me reading your entry. Hahaha, God I miss this handsome cook :D

    Eve, not bad hor? :P

  3. Awww hmm you know I can be quite inventive when I cook eh. Miss you more hunny :)

  4. Inventive, yes. I now miss your infamous toast & ikan bilis fried rice with petai :(


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