Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bangladesh High Commission, KL

Went to apply for my visa at Bangladesh High Commission located at Lorong Damai, KL.

Being there, I thought I flew off to Bangla without realising it. It felt like Bangla but Auntie Choon said it's not even close.

They make their people who just touched down feel like home by selling stuffs in their bangla ways. Just outside the Bangladesh High Commission's entrance. In KL, Malaysia.

And this is their filing system.

The empty counter we waited for almost an hour cause the staff went to the back to get another file. For almost an hour.

All the best Yan!


  1. RFLMAO... filing system. O dear Lord. They could've at least string it up!!!

  2. HAHAHA. See, I was chanting God's name when I was there. Haih!


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