Saturday, January 31, 2009

cause I said 'I do'

Tried using the Twitter thingy but don't really fancy it so it lasted only few hours on my blog.

Min gave birth last week, just few days after her first son's 1st birthday. Ngam one year gap between those two cute little fellas. They will surely play better with each other without any age gap issue. I hope Amirul will stop scratching his little baby brother soon :)

Pictures of the one year old and the small one;

And Yan just got a new laptop. It's DELL Vostro 1310. Very corporate look and suddenly she feels too classy :)
Smaller picture cause dowan to show off too much haha :)

Thank you Honey!

....blogging from my new lappy :D (I have always wanted to type out this line haha)


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