Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For those who are crazy about shopping like moi, go to darling blog store. I just got myself this;

Nice huh? ;) *Happy edy.....

Note: Thanks Amanda


  1. wait a minute. are u chinese or ur husband is chinese. I kept wondering.i love reading ur blog.good for my free times

  2. Hey there Jordan,
    My hubby is chinese. I am Siamese ;)
    Really? That's good to hear. I wrote cause I was bored but then now it became a hobby. Thanks!

  3. oh this is the dress that you mentioned that day on my blog..another LBD for you i guess ( is not little anyway)

    i got the dress that i ordered that day...and it is flowing and fall nicely. i feel like a princess!!

    forgive me..i mmg selalu perasan...hahaha

  4. Mrs Imran,
    Yeap yeap this is the dress. Haha same here same here darling, I feel like a princess too ;) So long and nice!


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