Wednesday, September 10, 2008

just another boring day at work

I badly need some inspiration. Some porn maybe. Yucks (yucks?!) I have a bunch of pending work to settle. I have 10 pages of receipts to do. I need at least 1 day to finish 2 pages because of so many other things that run in the way during normal working days. Shit. How am I supposed to finish this by this week? In addition, the conference details are unconfirmed. Plus (yea yea yea) we are switching venue. It is just great, huh? More logistic things to do now. Have to start from zero. Haih! And I am so de-motivated. Just another bullet-point for this farking misery.

On a healthier note, my nights are awesome and packed with great plans. Gym at The Curve last night before walking through The Street, felt romantic. Always do, with him around. In fact, by looking at the families spending their time having dinners and holding hands, made me feel like having lotsa kids. Maybe a pair of twins, girl twins. Ahhhhhh. Lovely.

*Can’t wait for durians session tonight with sweethearts. Daniel is buying.
*Honey’s company dinner tomorrow night and bond with his colleagues for free karaoke.
*Bestie’s birthday dinner on Friday night then off for drinking session with Jack and fiancĂ©.

See, just pull through the days for the awesome nights right?

So, let me excuse myself for now. Need to straighten out few things.

Note: Oh yea, did I tell you that I always wonder if I will work like this until old? I do. Just need some more capital for my boutique then I won't whine no more!


  1. what's ur boutique name?!

    lol kids.. was it because u watched hellboy 2? if u haven't it's a must watch.

    nice to know that u've been going to gym. keep up the effort ;)

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  3. Juicy Boutique Enterprise ;)

    Still developing. Not enough capital, hope somebody is kind enough to help me with some capital hee ;)

    The website is on the way.

    I have watched. Not good though. Disappointing heee

    Yea I need gym, have to be fit for work, hubby, baby and myself ;)


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