Monday, August 25, 2008

of being the most loved grand daughter

Headache headache headache!

Sigh. Yesterday (during shopping), my uncle called to tell me that my grandma who is staying with them in Kluang, Johore might be hospitalised and they want me to go alllllllll the waaaayyyyy there to take care of her in ward. What?!!

So I told him I can't. I am working. Which I think everybody should know.

The thing here is, why me? Why? She has more than 10 grandkids and why when it comes to things like this, they will easily point at my face "You! She loves you the most"


So what if she loves me the most? That doesn't mean you people can skip away from your responsibility?


And today (during lunch), when I was bitching at Honey about my Monday's blues of being screwed by lady boss, he called me again.

"Your grandma is hospitalised!"

So I said,

"Okay, but urm I can't go. I am working....."


So what should I do? Don't you think that this is so not making any shit sense? I, me applying leave after being screwed by my lady boss to go all the way there to just bring food or bathe her within 2 hours of visiting period a day since no hospital will allow me or anybody to camp there?

Well, I will be hiding under my Honey starting from now!

Go away from me. Let me try to calm down before making any stupid decision that might hurt anybody's feeling.


  1. c ur granny after work instead? :/ ?

  2. Nah, she has been discharged after few hours of scanning, urine test and blood test. It turned out she was okay, maybe she was just craving for attention, but anyway we are all glad that she is okay, that's the most important :)

  3. yeaaa
    good that she's alrite now darl (:


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