Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anybody is kind enough to get me a new phone?

So, yes I need a new phone. I am now using honey's phone since mine turned itself off last month :(

And I want this please. It's only RMI400.00 something....And yes, it is a very good business phone. I can always check my emails, reply yours, and store all the important details about y'all such as birthdays (so I won't forget your birthday like I always do, again) :)

Honey, I know you are eyeing on this too but if you have extra money, can you buy for me first then only save another one for yourself? Please :) :)

10:30 AM me: hey smelly pumkin
10:34 AM sebby: hey hunny bunny
me: watcha doing?
10:36 AM sebby: figuring out the handphone level of stocks
10:38 AM me: ohhh
want to get me a new one ah?
why la so loving
no need to mafan yourself la i will help you i tell you which one i want
10:40 AM sebby: hee nola
all old units leh
me: hehehe

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