Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sambal Udang for Diana

My sweetheart asked me for Sambal Udang's recipe on Facebook but I feel like showing off (on my journal) so here it goes :) ;

Very easy darling.....

You need;

1. Prawns (fresh one cause the unfresh prawns will make the sambal taste bad) -To peel the skin
2. A lot of onions - To blend
3. Dried Chili (choose the not so spicy ones, choose by smelling them, if it smells too strong, try not to use cause we need a lot of them to make the sambal looks red enough and nice. So if it is too spicy, you can't even enjoy it. Also can cut them to small pieces and soak in hot water for 10 mins (to reduce the spiciness) before blend them) - To blend
4.Sugar, Ajinomoto, salt, cooking oil


1. Blend the onions, dried chili together.
2. Tumis with a lot of cooking oil (the more oil, the better it taste- trust me though its not healthy heee) until long enough. Recommended until half an hour until 45mins. Don't leave the stove cause the sambal can get burn very easily and spoil the taste. Keep stirring.
3. Put the salt, sugar(a must) and Ajinomoto (if any). Stir.
4. Put the prawn and petai (if any) and stir for only 10mins.
5. Eat until pengsan!

Note: When I say a lot of cooking oil that doesn't mean the whole pan full of oil. Lets say, a quarter of cup?


    I LOVE U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hEEEEEE :)

  2. And yes another thing, don't mix the chili's seeds. Throw them away cause they are the cause of the spiciness :)


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