Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another chance to live

Today, I am thanking god for giving me another chance to live. The same time last year, I was struggling hard to live. To breathe.

For the chance HE gave me today, I am extraordinarily indebted to the following people;

My apple of my eyes, who unfailingly make me smile days and nights, for having me close to his heart and always make me proud for making such a beautiful mistake.

My mum, who brought me into this world with huge spirit that lives with me.

My sister, Ziela who never judged me and always love me like 'the little sister', always.

My former boss a.k.a my god father, Peter Wong who offered himself as a father when I needed it the most. He went to extraordinarily lengths so that my hubby could spend time caring for me during my illness.

My friend, Ajiera who makes me think that I am the greatest friend, who bravely waded through this daunting life and kindly offered her company; and most of all.....

My hubby, who not only survived tough times in early life, relationship complications with his ex-girlfriend which makes him a better man for me, but far more impressively, survived the process of curing me with great love and good grace during those miserable months this past year.

I wish I knew words that could convey the depth of my gratitude for their kindness and love. Honey, especially, was and are enormously inconvenienced and overworked, yet remained loving throughout. For him, I have these words: Thank you, Honey, thank you.

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