Thursday, June 19, 2008

Survey Part I

1. You look: Oh yes I love myself that much :)
[x] pretty
[x] hot
[ ] cute
[ ] normal
[ ] ugly
[ ] scary
[ ] nerdy
[x] chicky
[x] sexy

2. You are:
[x] kind
[x] nice
[x] cool
[x] naughty
[x] funny
[x] attractive
[x] active
[x] smart
[ ] rude
[x] polite
[x] mean

3. You are a/an:
[ ] student
[ ] assistant
[x] fashion designer (Wannabe)
[x] model
[ ] dancer
[ ] singer
[ ] house wife
[ ] teacher
[ ] actress

4. You are:
[ ] single
[ ] in a relationship
[x] married
[ ] just broken up
[ ] divorced
[ ] going to be married soon

5. What will you do if a guy dumped you for another girl?:
[ ] cry day and night
[ ] will never talk to him again
[x] throw the gifts he gave you when you two were together at his face
[ ] ask him to come back for you
[x] go to him and give a tight slap and say something nasty to him
[ ] act like you do not care but you do in your heart
[x] stay your own way and do not care about him
[ ] do not say anything to him and just be friends with him
[ ] just forget about the breaking up thing and be yourself or be his good friend
[x] Kiss his ass and the girl's pussy then throw some of your newly shitted shit on their faces ( I like!)

6. Would you like it if your date:
[x] sang you a romantic song
[x] brought you flowers along with chocolates
[x] took you out for a date and you had fun the whole day
[ ] behaved as your slave
[x] listened to you the whole time
[x] held your hand till you guys got home
[x] gave you a kiss on your lips on your first date
[ ] asked you to make out with him on your first date
[x] hugged you when you were really sad
[ ] made out with you for more than 15 minutes

7. What kind of a guy would you want to date?:
[ ] hot and cute but naughty
[x] cares so much about you and he is not hot or cute to you but he looks okay to you
[ ] smart guy but does not know how to show his love for you even though he loves you

8 . What will make your life change?:
[x] money
[x] hand bags, shoes, clothes and accessories
[x ] a bigger house than the house you have now
[x] a sports car just for you with a driver
[x] go to Hollywood to meet the stars

P/S Oh it is just for fun, honey! :) and Yes I love you!

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