Friday, June 20, 2008

I call that love too

Last two days, honey called me Lembu.
Yesterday he called me monkey.
Do you think it's cute, guys? Tell me. He said it's cute. It sounds cute too. But I don't find it cute.
I want to call him urm urm
any animal lah!


On the way back from work, walking towards carpark....

S: Why la you suddenly don't want to be my friend, hunny?

Y: Cause I feel like merajuk.....hmmpphh!

S: Ha ha ha... you lah! Stubborn like Lembu.

Y: What? You called me Lembu? Aaaaaaaaa!!!!

S: Noooo. I said, you are stubborn like Lembu.

Y: Noooooooooooooo!!! You just called me Lembu!

In the car, listening to some clubs song. I started to dance funnily.

S: I know I know. I got the hint.

Y: What hint, honey?

S: You want to club, right?

Y: Heh! Everytime we club, you always the one who wants to go back early..

S: Hah! Me? It's you who always ended up sleeping on the floor la, on the couch la.....Heee

Y: (giving him an ugly face).......

S: He he he, you look like monkey. Cute!

Y: Haaaaaaa!!!! You called me monkey?
Yesterday you called me Lembu. Today you call me monkey.
That comes to prove how much you love me. Huh! Say you love me!

S: .........speechless.....:S

These are monkeys. For sure.

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