Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I need a whole body overhaul and urmm money...


Wanna show you some sun tans I got. In clearer pictures.

Click Image to view the sun tan on my back with the pimples.
Note; my whole body is tanned not only the cross mark OK (If you think I am making a big fuss out of it).

Me, feeling sexy with the sun tan :)


I just got back from Company trip on Sunday. Been there for 3 days, away from my honey bunny. My skin is pealing. My face is full with pimples. Sigh.

Look! There are pimples everywhere OK.

I am indeed much happier today. Honey tried hard to help last night. He scrubbed my whole body off until he thinks that his hands are too soft like urm (mind me darlings)... pondan. Hey it wasn't me who says that. I have few soft darlings who are so close to my heart, in fact even softer than me. And hey, it's a compliment!


Yeap, now I feel better and he promised to keep scrubbing every part of body (of course la he got other agenda kan?)... before Anne's wedding this sunday.


I finally trimmed/cut my bob hair yesterday (my front side hair is over grew and I look stupid especially from behind)...And did I mention that I look so F-ugly there in PD without my hair dryer? Shut.

This hair style needs a nice hair blow at salon (cause I don't know how to do it nicely)
every alternate days...

Notice the curled hair near my ears? And the messy front hair?

Yes. I tried to;

Tie from the back,

Wear a sunglasses as headband,

Style it like just woke up hair,

and clip it....

But it still look like crap.
Plus the weight I gained during this past 3 months
(because of events) makes me looking like pregnant!
Another reason to spend money.


I cut it! I mean, I trim it.

No I don't have the picture yet. Heee will update this entry once I uploaded the picture. Shy la. Face full of pimples, uneven tan and not-sure-nice-or not new hair style.

And honey, thanks for last night. Hey the next time you scrub me, I will give you something in return OK? :)


  1. I love your bob! But yes it can be a pain in the rear to have to 'style' it everytime! I sosososo want to cut my hair short but I'm trying my best to fight the urge cos Ive not worn my hair long it over 10 years!!

    And look at your cheeks in that second picture! Love that natural tint/glow after a hot day in the sun! Looks like you're just as much a sun worshiper like I am :)))

  2. Hey, that's what exactly happened to me. I saw those good looking girls with bob hair and I wanted to have it on me so I did.

    After realising that I need to go to salon to style it every alternate days, I cursed at myself. Tiu.

    ;p So don't do it babe! If you feel like looking bobby, go get a nice bob wig heee.


    Yes I am a sun worshiper, just like you! I love sun. I love sun tans. I love beach and of course I love holidays!


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