Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh yes, it's today. It finally happened today. Great great great.

I am so flabbergasted of the fuel hike. C'mon, almost 40% hike is so not funny okay. Last night, Seb was on the way to Ampang to my mum's house to pick up some clothes (I didn't follow as I fell asleep right after work). It took him nearly 2 hours from our place to reach my mum's house. Why. Because of the long beeline queue at most of petrol stations in the city.

As what I read in The Star Online today;
Most major roads in the city were grid-locked as long queues of cars lined up at petrol stations to fill up in time before petrol pumps adjusted their prices.

What do you expect? People were trying to beat the midnight time line. Before the 'rumors' on fuel hiking become reality.

Seb said, some of the motorcyclists were even fighting with each other, swinging right and left to get their tanks filled with the last batch of RM1.90 per liter petrol. Well, Yes I did tell him that there's nothing we can do. No point of blabbering and nagging in the car while the price is still being adjusted to the much higher prices. But I still am so barmy. We were about to go to this car showroom and get my dream car this weekend when I realised about this shocking news (well, I heard about it long time ago but didn't really care).

And this morning, Seb said maybe we need to RE-consider about getting another car as it will cost us more than the monthly installments, yes I agree that it will be different as now we are not paying for any car installments (our car is fully paid) the bloody expensive petrol.

Convert to NGV? And get a Thule Roof Box?

Yeaaa. I am disappointed. The only best option now is, by me doing double job. Earn more. Beat the stress of paying higher price for fuel yet having my dream car as planned. What say you?

Stupid ...urm who is stupid. You tell me lah!

Oh yes. Did I tell you that I am so excited to watch SEX AND THE CITY The Movie? And Gossip Girls on 8TV is just great :)


  1. the SATC superb!go watchhhh it)

  2. I'm actually SERIOUSLY contemplating to get a motorbike now!

  3. Charlene,
    Same here!
    If only I can ride motorbike :(
    But I can cycle. Imagine cycle from Ara Damansara to PJ New Town? Urm...

    Akma sayang,
    Yea yea. I so cannot wait!!!!


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