Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my 2 days at kampung

Some pictures here. More coming when I get the mood. Or else, check out my facebook.

These pictures are not censored.
Kindly refrain from browsing further if you find them offensive.
You might find some naked pictures of me [you wish].
So yea. My apologies.

A dark cloudy evening that greets my presence.

This chicken was scared her shit out of me. Wonder why.

A 1 year old baby girl who was waiting for a
determined single mum who went into the jungle to get them a plate of plain rice.

The fog at Fraser's Hills

A fisherman, a sampan and the scary ocean.


  1. dearest yan!

    i miss the kg's mode ok!wowwiee u looked hot in kain batek!

    yes yes.u should meet the daughter 1st.ha ha;p
    lets hang out once i come back.nak dekat dahhh!!

  2. Hahaha kain batek. It was so cold to shower out door especially in the morning but it was so cool!

    Yea, lets get together!


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