Monday, April 28, 2008

Way back into love Part II

It's weird on how an individual can spoil your beautiful day in just one blink of an eye.

And it's even weirder when that particular individual is someone who you care. The fact that this person doesn't spoil my day directly, is hurting me even more. The fact that this person didn't expect this to happen, is hurting me even more. The fact that this person was someone better who I knew, hurts me even more. The fact that I have so little way to help, hurts me even more.

SIGH..No, don't sigh. Sighing is not one of Lady-D's reaction.

Since I started my day in a very beautiful way, I won't let my day being screwed up by this individual, how much I care about him/her.

Plus when Honey is around me, trying his best to make my day, I will never-ever let anybody spoil my mission today!


Again, I want to highlight here, I won't give up. I will try to make him/her understand that love can help him/her. I won't let him/her from being carried away by the evilness in this evil world. There's never too late to change and taste the sweet love. There's always rooms for changes.


I might be short of cash next month if I proceed my mission to be So-Called Lady-D by helping this person. So bare with me if I turn myself as a very psychotic person in
my next entries next month.

Ergh..that sounds scary tho'.

Let's put aside about that for a minute.

By the way, does anybody know any mother that will badmouth her own children to other people? Boy, I wish I don't.

If yes, mind to share some experience with me in order for me to accomplish my mission? Please..

lot's of Love,
The In-Need-of Help Lady-D Wannabe

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