Monday, April 28, 2008

Way back into love Part I

See, I am smiling at you.

It is a terribly awesome feeling to wake up this morning with a smile and some heat around me. He's back.

I got up from bed, smiled at him and headed to toilet. Sat on the toilet bowl. Looked at myself in the mirror and smiled again. I took off my pj's and turned on the shower. Washed my hair. Cleaned my body. I sang my favorite song and smiled again. No, I am not crazy. I have a mission today. I want to bring back the love into this city. I want to smile today and see people smile.

I reached early this morning. Reached office around 7.30am. Had breakfast downstairs and came up, blogging while staring into my pending files. Hmm. Is my mission still on? :)

By the way;

I came back from event the other day, rode alone in a taxi (Honey was in Hong Kong). When I got out, I said to the taxi driver, "Thank you for the ride. You did a superb job of driving."

The taxi driver was stunned for a second. Then he said, "No need to thank me. I do this for living. And you need to pay me anyway." He winked.

"No, uncle. I am not putting you on, I admire you keep cool in traffic yet still manage to get here on time."

Then we both smiled.

What was that all about, you may think right?

I am trying to bring back love to Kuala Lumpur. Well I beleive that it is the only thing that can save this city. Believe it or not.

I read about this somewhere before. I read about a man who is trying to bring back the love to save his city. Can't really remember where. But, it is the same key point. The same purpose. This is what I am doing, saving my city. With love, yes.

I believed that I have made the taxi driver's day. He will be nice to his other passengers and the passengers are going to be nice to the people around them. Eventually, the goodwill will spread to at least 1,000 people. Now it is not that bad. Isn't it?

Now, is the time to get back to work. Will blog again soon. Maybe later. Til then, Smile Lah!

See, I am Yan.

Lots of Love,
Lady D-Wannabe


  1. Yes, spread the love! <3 (tho I have the tendency to be quite hostile sometimes, hee hee :) )

    i'm lazy to blog btw, nothing interesting for the past week. oh dear me. :(

  2. Yea trying so hard to do that, with weirdos around us-it wont be easy :)

    But will keep trying!

    and you, thought you are away or something casue no updated entry.

    I believe, as long as you dont be an antagonistic,it's still okay.


    I am so optimistic today.


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