Monday, May 5, 2008

Go fark myself

Tomorrow is event again. Will be away from office for another two days. Hmmm.


Good to be away? Nooo lah! Not if the hotel is too bloody cold to enjoy. Not if I can’t see honey for lunch like everyday. Not if I have to wake up super bloody early in the morning. Not if there’s nothing to do there except giving my trained0fake-smiles for everybody who are thirsty for one (?). Wtf.

Today, I feel hopelessly restless. I miss Isaac.

Anybody can bring this cutest creature to me? I’ll give one hundred bucks. Seriously.

And today, don’t know for how many times already, I asked myself (again)…WHY do I have to do this?

When people ask me, I am proudly will say;

"Screw them laaaa. It's your life anyway. They don't pay for your bill ferpetesake!!"........

So, am I a self-denial or a cheapo-coward?

Go fark myself-LAH!


I know, this is another emo entry. But what to do, I am a girl what!!(Always blame PMS)....And to make myself happy, I go and play with the camera :)

And Honey,

Thanks for loving me this MUCH!I love you!

Arrogant Ferrari Team :)

Williams Team.

My team, McLarren

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