Monday, April 7, 2008

Port Dickson!!!

Am back.

Feel so fuxcited to work after the fun weekend. Weird? Heee yea la, normally I always feel lazy so why not feel excited once in a while? Kan kan kan? :)

By the way PD trip was awesome though the first one and half day were spent in room taking care of him who fell sick badly once touched PD. Oh well, learn from me for those who have the dream to become a good girlfriend, wifey or whatever-lah! ;p He heee...

The other two days were spent wisely with horse riding, paint ball and photography. It was awesome lah I tell you!

Some pictures here, you can view the rest once I managed to upload them to flickr :)

On the way there, approaching Seremban. Can see his face turning red?

This bird was too busy enjoying the view and didn't even realise me taking picture.

The view from our balcony. It's called 'Kampung House'.

After one day lying on bed, trying to breathe some fresh air at the balcony. Pity baby.

The canoe (or should I say Kayak?) jetty.

I was so impressed with this pakcik who tak takut mati wan :)

What is this called? Tractor ah?

Look at the stim face haha!

Nothing to do so, manipulating the just-recovered-photographer lah.

It's just him lah!

The one I am in love.

The place I fell in love.

The camera I love.

The pain ball session.

The scaft people should use to cover the fugly hair from the smelly helmet.

The padan muka part!

The tanned face and the fugly hair after the three days fun under the sun hee.

The kambing jakun!

By the way, I've got to go now. Need to do flight research for the flight to New Delhi and Mumbai for our coming event. Oh well yes I am going to India, people! What? Garlic? Ha? Me no understand. ;p

Lots of love,
The Few Layers Tanned Yan


  1. Yan,
    the skirt dah smpai blum dear?

  2. not yet la dahling.
    maybe within these few days, hopefully. can't wait!
    how are you?

  3. dear!
    u went to pd?best,the cam very much is dat?mahalll tak?

  4. yes i did. last weekend.

    hee quite expensive around RM3K plus without accessories.


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