Friday, April 11, 2008

My gold hearted man

Oh well.

I have been feeling feverish & chilly- for every single day for the past two weeks. Especially when it's approaching 5pm ish. Sigh.

Oh dear.

I am not dying. Am I?

Oh well.

Just got back from Sabah for one week event. The aircond in the hotel made me dry and weak.
And I don't feel like blogging today though I have so many to tell, to update and to share :(
I am so tired yet sleepy, but still need to rush for this Wednesday event. Again! Oh dear..

My inbox is full. My table is messy. My pending file is bursting. My energy is low. But my spirit is as high as KLCC as I hear the love song being played in the air.

Today, I thank God (again) for giving me my baby who was there for me to massage my numb feet, to prepare my food when I was too lazy to get off from the couch, to just listen to me and follow my order when I point at anything without opening my mouth and say "can you please open the keropok for me", to do the laundry (like always) and put them nicely in the wardrobe after spending the whole day ironing them, to give me a soft back rub when I couldn't sleep of tiredness, to wait for me until I doze off before running to the living room to watch his favorite show (cause this mengada-ngada woman hates to fall asleep alone), to even scratch my legs because I am too damn piggy to do so myself and to settle everything for me during the peaceful and beautiful weekend.

After all, it's him who should been receiving these treatments after a hard day at work. It's him who drives my ass off to everywhere. It's him who work from early morning until midnight everyday.

But this man with a heart of gold never even complained (yet) on how pampered and mengada-ngada I can be at times.

And this man who I love so much never even requested me to do anything when he's not feeling well if I don't feel like doing.

Thanks honey!

We are alike in some ways and different in so many others but together we agree on one thing, we both love each other and will always be there for each other.

Love gives me strength. Love makes me beautiful and love makes me alive.

And even IF I am dying, I have lived my life full of love.

Lot's of Love,
The Fully Loved Yan

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  1. yeay you're back! from my kampong summore :)

    about the on off feverish chilly feeling, i had those symptoms when I had dengue. i feel fine in the morning, then it starts again come evening. maybe you should check, just in case. but hopefully, it's nothing serious lah :) feel better soon! love is all you need :D


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