Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey Bunny Sweetie Pie!

Got up today and realised that he is having fever again. Not good. Not good at all. We are supposed to drive down to PD tonight and will come back on Sunday. But if he is still having this bloody fever that doesn't seem to recover, how are we supposed to do that? Sigh. I was thinking to cook him porridge last night since he's having difficulties to chew food and having a continuous slight headache but we both were too tired and went straight to bed after I did the dishes and ironed his working shirts. Hoping that we both will feel much much much better today. Yes I do but No he doesn't. And I am starting to regret that I didn't put the extra effort to cook him porridge last night :(

Don't worry baby. I will be here for you. I will never never ever ever ever ever ever leave without you though there's a lot of fun there which I can't resist! (*that's what I learnt from The Martian Child) :)

Heee well that's bullshit. He's the one who drives. Of course la I can't go without him. ;p
Let's see how he feels later after a nap.

So let's talk about April 1st. It's April Fool for most of you but it's a great day which I thank God for bringing somebody into this world on that particular date. It's his birthday! We were both on leave since Saturday until Tuesday. Took bus to Kluang, Johor on Saturday morning and came back the night itself - had a ride from Ilanee & Olli.

Spent the whole Sunday by waking up late, shopping for my working clothes at Nichii, eating and talking at Ilanee's place. Olli prepared lunch for us. Ilanee baked my favorite sticky cheese. And Isaac enjoyed himself, seating on the kitchen table and eating cheese.

The day after, we went for a movie, 10,000 bc and it was good. Not so good but after all, it's something that we both like to do. Picking up a random movie and watch it for the sake of watching.

The next day, April 1, 2008. His birthday was a little different this year. It was only two of us, nobody walking around, clapping hands and singing happy birthday. There were just a few of his close friends who sms'd and wished him happy birthday. I was wondering where are all the so-called friends who he spent so much time & money with last time. Those who are still keeping his money (pinjam money but pretend to forget it). Those who claimed that they know him better than I do. Those who said that I am not worth his attention more than they do. Those who believed that he made a stupid mistake by choosing me. The One who treated him more like a brother or a mentor, perhaps. Where are they?

Well, screw them. Let's move on honey!

So, as planned for the past 1 month, I organised a simple dinner aka party for him that night! It was great. Many good friends turned up. He was obviously having fun (though was having a slight fever). And food was awesome :)

We were eating, talking cork, watching heroes and prison break series. And yes we had a good time, with those who cares. That's all that matters.

So, that's about it. Thank you guys for coming. Thank you for the gifts and Ang Pows. For those who were not invited; there are only two reasons. One you are not worth it. Full stop. Two I was not sure how to invite you for some reasons. So, am sorry and hope to see you on his birthday dinner next year. And honey, I love you so much and happy happy happy birthday!

P/S Please get well soon and let's have fun at PD please? :)

Lots of Love,
The Girl Who worths His Attention!


  1. i think seb and i just faded off each others lives. but, i'm so glad, he looks so so happy now. so "squeee" *that's how you use it, hee :)* don't let anyone do or say anything to make you feel otherwise. i think he had a lot of a weirdos in his life (including me :) but i always have good thoughts, and i wish him well. well both of you :)

  2. I feel so squeee now! :) :) :) correct?

    well yea i always know that you do. if not i wont even be bothered to play nice and keep in touch with you sayang!

    we both have a heart of gold ( yeah yeah hee) ;p

    yes. lots lots and lots of weirdos, you bet. no you are not one lah.

    and thanks thanks. I wish you the same, too.

  3. wish seb happy belated birthday k? sorry for not knowing... tell him that he and I are under the same zodiac which proved to u that aries people luv u more than others... aite? heeee. ;P

  4. heee you bet girl!

    but i love you more :)

    yes i did. he said thank you!

  5. happy bday sebby!!!
    hugs & kisses :) :), yan dnt kill me, hehe :P


  6. hahaha.

    no dont worry. not going to kill you, too far ;p

    btw, he said thanks!



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