Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I learn what I live

Today is the day I feel a little unhappy of certain things. Today, after few weeks of peaceful days and nights, I feel that feeling again. Sigh. Blame me. It's me. I learn what I live. As I live with criticism, I learn to condemn. As I live with shame. I learn to feel guilty. And as I live with fear. I learn to question the trust.

So what should I do?

Heart says 'Blogging. Screw work'.

Since I am learning to accept disagreement and to have faith in myself and in people around me who I care and love, I am going to write about quarter of happy times that happened to me/us this past two weeks.

Well, let's start with last weekend. We had a makan-makan time (oh well food again) / gathering at Ilanee's place in conjunction of her house warming. We had fun mocking each other and bullying the small kiddos (yes, small kids are meant to be teased and bullied while they are still small before they start learning to bully the younger generations).

When the vain girl becomes chef, they end up taking pictures instead.

The kids who being bullied to eat on the floor while the adults eat on dining table.

Gotta wash your dishes people.

When the foreigners (Seb is from China by the way) watching documentaries on how Americans kill people tsk tsk tsk..

Then the next day, we went for Baskin Robbins-ing! Oh boy, who wouldn't go for free ice cream on Sunday right?

Oh it wasn't me! It's the fat bum who spent more than RM20 for ice cream one fine Sunday.

See! His face, enjoying the ice cream. Told you. It wasn't me.

The girl who refused to be a girl. Tsk tsk tsk..

After ice cream-ing, we headed back to Ilanee's place to celebrate Kaas Ma's birthday. She turned 16 last week. Sweet 16th baby girl. Had the blueberry cheese cake from Secret Recipe and it was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

You gotta try this. It's sinfully delicious.

Happy Birthday. Please la go get some dresses to wear.

I can't say much when somebody who has low self esteem try to spoil the picture by doing ugly(er) face. Sigh.

Since, I have been feeling feverish & chilly continuously at nights and early mornings, Honey took me to drink Foo Char and another drink with the word char at the end which I can't remember what the actual word is :)

And Jayne, you were also right on the dengue thingy. We went to clinic to check what's wrong with my body and the doctor said that I was having the dengue symptoms. Grrrr..
So, they did a blood test and result came out (after I had my Foo Char) AND my blood is clean. Do you think that I might be having the real dengue symptoms but the virues has been killed by the powerful Foo Char? Or am I exaggerating?

The powerful-bitter-herbal-tea.

He he. This face is the face of jelak-ness okay!

These are what we had the other day before the blood test.

Just want to show off my breakfast for last week, oh well Jayne was right. Chocolate IS a sexy food. Sexay!!

He he he....

So, I feel better now.

You see, I am Yan. And I love my honey.

Lot's of Love,
Purely Yan for Today.


  1. glad you feel better after your foo char :) the concoction does look very foo indeed, eww!

    anyways, chin up dearie. think happy thoughts ;)

  2. yan, am so worried
    u havent received ur skirt yet?
    it has been awhile

  3. yea same here. I am so worried too. I can't wait to receive it and straight away wear it :)

    But no worries, I will have a look in my mail box once I got back home this Saturday. Cause I am away for events now.

    Btw, did you courier by fast delievry / parcel or normal delivery?


  4. And Jayne, yes it is very foo :p

    yes happy thought! That's the key word.


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