Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spa anyone?

It's been two weeks since I last blogged.

Yeah been way to busy with events and paperworks. And now, I am blogging from
Cyberlodge resort & Spa! Will be here until tomorrow, yeah we are here for the weekend. It's been a very busy week and we didn't spend much time with each other. Sigh! (Earning a living though). Yes, we really need to do this- (go out from KL though it's just a half an hour drive away! ;p), to spend the quality time together, just two of us with no calls and other stuffs!

*Just received a sms from Gwen; asking us to stay home today and tomorrow because there are words that there is ordi rioting in Pandamaran. So nice of her!

Not going to comment on that rumours. Well, we are having good time here, man! Speaking of which, we are staying at a poolside suite chalet with high speed internet connection, kitchen, couch, plasma TV and cool over-sized bed which I like the most!!!! (;p). Worth the bill. By the way, just came back from the most quietest pub in the world - didn't have fun anyway! :(

*will post the pictures once got back to PJ. didn't bring my card reader here.

And now, I take this opportunity to blog since I can't do this at office anymore-too many things to do and I have two big events next week plus we are driving down to Penang this Friday.

Too busy to update about the not-so-pleasant comments from some
Anonymous (s) and don't really have the idea on how to (don't want to do it in a wrong way which may cause any misunderstanding. Not trying to play angel but just don't want to cause shit).

Having good time here and I hope you guys too! Happy weekend!

Lots of LOVE,
The happy Yan!


  1. hey envy u gonna go penang!

  2. yeah haha! I cant wait though! But Akma is here, if she is in Penang, I will bug her there!

    But it's work la not leisure :(

    But still cant have fun!

  3. so wheres your spa pictures?
    naked one!

    i love you!

  4. yup yup i second putri wilson
    ur naked spa pic! hehe ;p
    cepat update
    want to read :)

  5. Putri,
    you are such a bitch! been seeing me naked like everyday but still want me more. haha! *evil laugh!

    Diana babe,
    will do yes but not going to put the naked ones, I put the bikini pictures;already create controversy, dont say if naked spa pics la!

  6. hehe, will definitely take u to nude beach if u dnt want to post here! (but, seb is exceptional) hehe ;p

    lorrr, controversy to who? semesdian? waallllllaaaah! hehe ;p

    hurm, that stupid anonymous lame dah tak comment, out of idea kot. haha

    Love ya!

  7. He hee.
    Thanks Diana.

    Yeah she should do that. dont care about controversy la.

    Btw babe,
    I really miss you!
    Ausie is hot now!
    And I want you so badly.

  8. wah so good, you went to spa!

    your life sounds so good these days babe!

  9. putri wilson, u in assuie now?
    which part?
    yup yup
    so hot lorrr nowadays :(
    but sydney's ok lorrr
    hot but also windy

  10. Yes I am at Perth.

    :) you are at Sydney?

    Get this girl to come here and we can hang out!!!!!!!

  11. aish~
    no naked pic uploaded yet?
    hehe :P

    sure2 putri wilson!!
    come to syd laa for easter show
    then can hang out!

    yan going to ur place meh?


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