Monday, February 25, 2008

My busy weekend

I was so worried that I will look too elaborate during the Chinese New Year Open House/ Ferra Dermatrend Product Launching yesterday, with my long red cheong sam though I actually not that kind of person on normal days, I love to look outstanding (that's why my wardrobe has everything that a girl needs).

I have been asking Elaine whether my dress is too much (with no proper make-up) and she said NO. Too little time for putting on make-up tho. A night before, we arrived home late after helping my mum shifting house, did my mani & pedicure, washed & dried my hair then went to bed at 3am ish. Woke up at 5.30am, prepared breakfast for grandma and left home. We reached Crown Princess at about 6.30am.

It was a great event with the special appearance of model, singer, actress and former Miss Malaysia / World 1992 Erra Fazira, the founder and President for Ferra Beauty Product. She looked outstanding, with a pink cheong sam!

Some pictures here;

No close-up pictures of her yet, to be downloaded soon.

During PC.

Muffin and I, photo shooting session next to the pool under the hot sun :)

I seriously hate my hair, need a modification again!

The lion dance team before entering the hall.

Sophie and I by the poolside.

I look like those China catalog's models, right?

The Wong Fei Hong team and I

Yan Lim, Hilal Azman & Emma Akma

So, basically my weekend was busy. And I had too little time to sleep, sigh. Tonight, I am not coming back to office cause my dear Ajiera is coming over, we will be having a great time watching Wah Lai Toi. He heee...missing her terribly.

Lots of Love,
Tired & Excited Yan.


  1. You look stunning, dont worry with your hair, it will grow and you just need to bare with it :)

  2. hugssssssssssssss!

  3. eww you're so thick and ugly

  4. Janine & Tasha dahling,
    Thanks :)

    Well, will try to look better in the near future ;p

    Do be positive cause life is good!

  5. Sis Yan!! cepat dtg sini
    Aussie so best, best :)

  6. Diana darling,

    I am so gonna come to you!!!!!
    Just wait for me alright!

  7. but,
    the shops n shopping malls here close
    at 5/6 pm :(
    and yeah, the clubs are bit boring
    i prefer m'sian crowd!!
    so geli man seeing old old people grinding. haha!
    but shopping here so fun fun laa!
    make sure u keep ur tix cos u can buy LV, Dior, SF , Fendi blabla duty free! so worth taw :) spending the allowance money suke2 ati je now, hehe ;p

  8. hehehe.
    dont worry dear!
    been there few times and still wanna go there again!!!!!!!!!especially when you are there! btw, you will be there until when yea?

    glad that you are enjoying yourself there!

    love you!

  9. 2 more years :)
    taknak balik M'sia
    S'gor dapat kat oppos..
    mesti havoc Mas now

    orait sis
    i dah rep regarding the bags tu :)

    hey, stupid anonymous. u rase threaten ke? stupid people laa. if u bukak this blog and rase annoyed, tak pyh comment, tak yh bace & tgk pun!

    sis, be strong :)

    love ya!

  10. Yeah,
    I just google'd out the election result and so surprised to find out darling!
    I am so sad suddenly:(

    We are spending our weekend at Cyberjaya now, out from the city life but now is checking out- head back to KL again!

    and about the comments from anonymous, NO i don't feel in secured or threaten! Just wonder why they feel that way towards me! I mean quite a few already!


    love you babe!

  11. yup yup
    i noticed
    it must be girl laa
    PHD tinggi

    tape sis
    be happy :)
    tc dear!

  12. haha it's okay la babe.

    I am still doing fine.



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