Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My junior!

I just reached office. Another 20 minutes to start work so I will do a quick update first!

Diana Diana Diana Diana!

I am updating my blog because of this sweet babe of mine, she is still here; everyday-keep looking forward to read my updates. Hmmm been very busy these days but a quick one okay ( I can't promise but will try my best hee)

This girl was my junior in boarding school - the school with controversy I mean like FULL of controversy in daily life. Not going to talk about that though, maybe next entry! So, hmmm DIANA!!! She was very out spoken in school, it was not so normal for girls in our school to be out spoken (sex discriminations-bloody hell) so she was one of the few out spoken biatches in school, just like me ;p

I remember, when she just started her life in the hostel, she was asked by us (the so-called super seniors) about her personal life like her family, where from and yada yada-lah! We asked; What is your father doing for living? Then she answered; Oh he is running a restau-rant! (I mean with the British slang!) :) Well, brave enough to answer our question yet in a very stylo way!

And yes babe, don't ask me why I still remember this cause I will do, always- and there's no reason haha!

Urm, I might need to get back to work soon. Need to prepare the documentations and name tags for the Monday event! Will be away for two days and on Wednesday I have an audition with Christienlavin Productions for the Life is Good aka Back To School's new face! Wish me luck!!! Like really please! :)

P/S Diana, stop calling me kak!!! I am not your arrogant senior anymore-lah!

Lots of love,
Busy Yan.


  1. OMG, i dnt what's up with the internet connection today
    i wrote like 20 times comment to u and it disappeared in thin air! Aiyyak!

    heeee, i dnt knw laa, y that ONE PARTICULAR memory memang will always be remembered
    haha! i still remember the looks on WM's face , she totally freaked me out. duh~
    but i knw, u guys were like interviewing me cos sum ppl said i look like IDa hehe ;p
    there was once, her ex tot I was her. haha!

    Well, reminiscing the past really give me hell gud tyme laughing.
    hurm :)
    tq for updating the post (bout me summore!!)
    hehe tq much2 dear
    huggies !

    ok, wont call u kak nymore hehe ;p
    it is soooo "school" hehe ;p

    owh ya, gud luck for ur audition ya! *pray hard 4 u*


  2. * praying hard now (you have no idea what it's for)

    so when is the next entry about me?

  3. very best of luck to u my deary... then, when will the time that its about me? hahaha. :P

  4. good luck for the audition <3

    oh ya, and WHY you put my FULL NAME there laaaaa? :P

  5. o O o O
    e/body is requesting a post bout them hehe ;p


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