Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I still have readers!

Hee, I am trying to update my blog whenever I am free and whenever I have internet connectivity since my working life is so hectic these days cause of events events and events, it's the peak season; Gwen said :)

It's 10:09pm, just checked my email and read the comments from my beloved friends aka loyal readers haha (sounds so blogger me heh!). Everyone is trying to buy my heart hmmphhh hee me lunch then I will write about you all one by one he heee (wah, me is being lancee cit!). Urm, nah no need lunches-lah, I would love to do this actually :)


You are my....(wait a minute, I'll refresh my memory first) ;p, Urm, let's try again, You only made my days when everybody else could make my life. You pointed your finger at me when you needed somebody to be blamed, you said my name when your mother asked you why are you home late, you you you hmmmm.....he heee....Sorry man! I can't write much about your good things- seems too impossile to do that haha :) But I can write about your bad things? Can?
You won't care much if ever I do that heh? It's more to get the attention from me right, may it be about good things or bad things? Right Mr. Wilson? Ha Ha, I owe you a story, mate and I thank you for everything!


You were always there when I needed a sister, you spoiled me when I was desperate for attention, you said that I am the prettiest girl whom Is ever brought home when he said that I put on weight, you loved me for who I was, for who I became and for who I am! For that, I promise you - I will always vote for you even though when you formed your own party (which is no better than the party that I am voting now).


You were my heart and my soul when I needed a devil (like me) in the so-called heavenly school, you made me believe that accepting Ehsan is not a mistake, you made me believe that I was not the only bad girl in that so-called heavenly school, you loved me though I was so lazy to take notes in classes, you (still) loved me when I asked you to hold my pinky finger to pose in picture (we both looked like idiots and I still have that picture at home), you (still) loved me when I said I needed somebody to company me to school on weekend just to peek on Ehsan's table. You are still my heart and my soul - and also my devil! :)


Hahaha! Seriously, am not writting about our past history cause we don't have one. We have been introduced in a very awkward situation (at least for me - it was). But we (or I) slowly and un-shamely, trying to keep in touch with each other, surprisingly through this sweet blog. Trust me, I have never done this before, I am not this friendly with girls haha ;p. Hope you are having a pleasant life and looking forward to meet you one day- I mean like a real hang out :) And, advise me for the link name. Sorry, I don't know what should I put there cause I want the link to be there for my convinience ;p *more heeee!

Lots of Love,
The feel-appreciated-blog-owner!


  1. thanks babe.. really2 appreciate it.. =) luv u my lovely fwenz..

  2. Hahaha. i dun even remember that is said you fat eh ;p

    so i am like your guardian angel la kan?

    i loved you, still love you and will always love you big sista!
    faster go report your missing passport and fly to me plz.


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