Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Party this weekend anyone?

Some people deal with their issues by talking about them openly and honestly. Others stick their heads in sand. They try not to think – or – talk about the factors that upset or unnerve them. They will go away of their own accord. Sometimes, for a while it can seem as if such a policy is working. Sooner or later, through, what we don’t deal with turns corrosive or explosive. It’s far better to face it than sort it out.

And as for now, it would be great if I am invited to some parties with her around. Feeling so desperate to go out and have fun with some good girl-friends! I am trying to figure out what are the things that still stuck on her mind. What are the things that I did wrong? What are the things that I shouldn’t have done? We had great time together. It was totally fine. It’s normal to fight, it’s normal not to agree on one thing at times, it’s normal to envy each other when one receives better luck, BUT it’s not normal to let one tiny thing ruin your friendship, not when it’s just about a man that you know for less than half quarter of your friendship. Well life isn’t good at all time, no?

Well, it’s 4:52pm and I am watching The OC on TV, alone. Maybe its better if I can go to office rather than staying home alone, looking at old pictures of old friends. By the way, is there such thing as ex-friends? Like ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends?

I notice, some friends tend to forget the old friends like how they forget the exes. Urm, don’t really like fact that friends can actually forget friends. I always read on facebook (the stickers and bumper sticker things), there are some motivating words about friendship that really inspire me to watch shows like Gol and Gincu, the OC, Desperate Housewife and some other shows that I can’t think of right now. By the way, it’s the FB’s stickers;

“I used to be normal until I met those losers I called best friends”

Ops, almost forgot that I can actually put pictures :) ;

(P/S; Gold and Gincu is actually one of my favorite local shows, it taught you to act cool with your boyfriend though you actually feel like kicking his ass for being so silly and also because I love fashion and pink color :D )

The OC is over.

I just watched Memoirs of a Geisha’s trailer;

“Focus on your study”

“Get yourself into the crowd, not outside them”

I have watched this fantastic show more than 3 times. It’s a great show. Those who haven’t watched yet, go and watch!

So what I’ll do now is stop blogging and get ready to go out. Seb will be home soon and I need to look good :) hee!

We will go out for dinner and head back to office. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and we both will be on leave. Yay!

*phone ringing

Seb: Hunny, confirmed, tomorrow we go watch movie in the afternoon okay?

Yan: Alright! So apart from movie, what’s the plan for tomorrow honey?

Seb: Urm, movie and then making love lo. Hehehehe…..

Yan: Can can heeeee (grinning and thinking whether all the loving couples out there will be doing the same thing on Valentine’s Day? Or what? Any advice? )

So, sex anyone?

(P/S We got our long-waited-baby home safely. Will write about it after Valentine’s Day okay!)

Actually, Christien is right. Life is good! :)

Let's party!!!!


  1. wussup?
    who are you thinking of?
    party anyone? haha as if you are the one spinning alone in the room! grr its me ferfucksake!

  2. me also watch G&G,
    i think that's the only malay series
    i watch bcos of the issues
    not many m'sian series like that
    stuffs like lesbian, HIV so on..
    so yeah
    cuti 3 months haritu i marathon G&G season 1&2, over-and-over again! to the extend of remembering lines in the series! haha


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