Friday, February 15, 2008

Updating my promises

It's 5:30pm. Just packed the boxes from our-new-neighbor office. They are everywhere in my office now. They just moved in to our office and they will be located at the back side. More privacy for them, I hope.

Told myself not to bother helping (cause I don't want to touch anything that I am not supposed to touch -P&C stuffs) them but, just can't help it when they left my office in a mess for their appointments in KL.

AfterI did my math, I am pretty sure, it's only 4 of them. One of the girl said "Lina is with client now and Aida is on MC." So, there were two of them this morning in the pantry so I guess, one seeing client plus one on MC plus two in pantry is equivalent to four, Yes? (Urm my math is not that bad right?)

Well, that's what sales people do. Running away from office. I wish I can drive around.

Since Seb will be picking me up a little late today( because he said his PC auto-fuckup and all blank profile. To make it worst, big boss's PC is also fucked-up. Well, have fun squeezing your smart-brain my dear leng chai bunny!), I decided to do some yoga by turning on some music (it's Jack Johnson's No Other Way on the!) while blogging!

Done yoga-ing, here I am concentrating to blog!

Okay I promised to update about my Chinese New Year celebration, getting a new cheong sam and on having a pet, last week.

We finally got my long cheong sam for the joyous new year. I wanted a long, red color and ancient-looking cheong sam. And I got it;

I think I need tons of Hirudoid Cream for my allergy legs :(

And I had the most joyous Chinese New Year, went shopping and shopping and shopping and what else urm? ;p;

Does wear red enough, to say that you are celebrating new year?

And pet? Yes, we are now officially, the adopted parents for Doggie!

Yes, her name is Doggie!


  1. Hey Hey Hey,

    How are you Yan? Nice posting

    Keep in touch....

    Life is Good!!!

    Christien New

  2. Hey,

    Life is great, Christien.

    Been busy. Changing job very soon.
    Hope it's going to be fine tho, worried cause after few years never changed working environment :)


  3. Babe,
    you changed job?
    to what? mak ayam ah? ;p
    i miss you la, perth is hot now!
    come la plssss.


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