Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Advanced Valentine's day!

Seb: Movie tomorrow?

Yan: Urm, anything la(*yes!yes!yes!)

Seb: I'll see first, got or not. GSC online booking always got problem wan.

Yan: Okay lo (*ceh, why bother asking)

Seb: We go PAWS first early in the morning then movie.

Yan: Honey, PAWS close la on Wednesday( *aiyah, need to wake up early on Valentine's day?)

Seb: Oh ya lo. Hmmm then we go SPCA at Ampang la.

Yan: Urm okay la. We see got or not, if not we wait for the Subang one la.

Seb: Eh hunny. Tomorrow is 13th la. My leave is on the 14th which is on Thursday la. Not tomorrow eh. Yours?

Yan: Mine is on 14th as well. Bloody h***l.

Seb: Haiyoyo! Why both of us think it's tomorrow wan?

Yan: (*grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

Seb: Cheh. Like this, tonight go home early la, hunny.

Yan: Ha yes. Tonight got Last Vegas, Desperate Housewife, Heroes and Brothers and Sisters!! (*lucky you decided to go home early, if not hmmpphhh)

Happy Valentine in advance to everyone!

(*on the phone with Asha)

Urm, my birthday is over. And I got what I want for my birthday! :)

An awesome SONY digital camera;

An awesome wasting time moment;

A great surprise party;

A lots of cute cupcakes;

A good after party dance;

A bunch of great companies;

And lots more!!!!!

By the way, does the glare of the headlights bother you when you drive at night? Or even when you sit next to the driver (trying to rest and enjoy the feeling of being driven)?

Do your eyes get tired or irritated when you work on your computer, or even when you watch your favorite shows on TV?

Yes, I do!.

As of late, I always get headache because of this road lights or headlight's glare from other vehicles. Last night, on the way back to office from dinner, I decided to put on my sunglasses, yes at night! Sunglasses are often worn just for aesthetic purposes, or simply to hide the eyes.
So there's nothing wrong right? Sunglasses may be made with either prescription or non-prescription lenses that are darkened to provide protection against bright visible and possibly ultraviolet light.

Seriously, I felt so silly.

For some celebrities, glasses form part of their identity. Some of my friends are also part of this glamorous life. They think that sunglasses is part of their accessories. May it be at night, in shopping mall or sometimes at home? (:S)

Whatever. But not me OK. When Seb bought me this sunglasses a week before my birthday, the guy asked me whether I want to wear it on the spot or put it in the paper bag. What? At night? Me? Wearing sunglasses at night? No No No.

So what I am trying to say here is, how much I support Britney for her drops now, I won't put on my sunglasses at night (for fashion) unless my headache is as bad as last night and by that time, I am in a car or I haven't received my night glasses yet :). No No. I am not trying to condemn those who do. Am seriously not. Go ahead. Life is good!( pinjam Christien's words for a while)

Life is good!


  1. happy valentine's day :D hope you'll have a lovely time <3

    *spots a picture of uncle seb dancing, hee hee hee hee*

  2. hahaha!

    yes, and I know why are you laughing*

    heee, he sucks! ;p

    same to you sweets!
    happy Valentine's day!


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