Saturday, February 23, 2008

An entry before the busy weekend

Dear all,

Some update from me before the busy weekend, a short one- less words, more pictures :)
So these are the things that I did for the past few days, mostly makan-ing.

Last 2 days, went for Tom Yam at Ampang.

Yesterday went for dinner at Nando's Bangsar Village with Ilanee, Olli & grandma.

Grandma asked for only hot tea, and nothing else :)

Seb and Olli (as usual) had their half chicken, and Nando's joke for yesteday (for Seb) was 'not so brave'.

And my baby brother is now a boy scout and he is so excited showing me his new uniform :)

Posing like a girl, hee.

My last few days at office, full of laughter!

Laugh until stomach pain!

Til the next entry, happy weekend people!

Lots of love,
Happy Yan


  1. laughter is the best cure darling!
    food sgt tempting which make wanna go back asap.coming home juneee!

  2. Oh food is always good here babe.

    Coming home? Good to hear! We shall catch up alright? :)


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